neo-arc 02.01.04

i started this awesome project in october 2003 (yes it has taken me this long!) and completed construction on february 1 2004. i have had the idea in my head for allot longer and have been planning it for some time now.

my goal was to recreate the neo-geo cabinet for my own home use, yes, i know, a great idea. of course it could not be exactly like a neo-geo cab, because it would be homemade to my personal equipment, not using a standard arcade monitor, which really dictated the width of the cabinet. i have a 27" rca in it, so the inside dimension of the cab is 25.5" while the real deal is 24". the profile of the cabinet was taken more or less from a 4-slot neo-geo cab found at a local pizza place.

i will run capcom as well as snk games (hence the logo's you will see later). so it is mainly a fighter game emulator, altho i do have some other ones. i am running winkawaks, as it is the best emulator for me and the roms i want to play. i do not like mame, and i did not want to plaster my nice cab with mame logo's. don't email me about hating mame. i like the idea of it and winkawaks has benefited from its creation, but in my opinion, the name sucks and i hate how the prog runs.

i also did not want to run a front end, because i also use my mini computer for traveling dvd's for the kiddies, so i did not want to mess with bat files, multi os's and crap like that. i also did not want to take the to set up a front end, i'm lazy i guess.

so there you have it. go browse around now and email me if you have any questions, or suggestions. but i probably wont implement them because i am done. :)

or you can go straight to the pics. shots, baby!




cheers, orntar.